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Coor Smart solutions for Coor Smart Offices Response

Coor SmartResponse

Fault reporting made easy.

What happens if your photocopier breaks down, the elevator is out of order or someone spills coffee on the conference room carpet? Very often, nothing. Time is valuable, and reporting feels awkward, so it’s tempting to let someone else deal with the problem.

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What is Coor SmartResponse?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Coor SmartResponse makes it easier for service users to report faults, and they are fixed faster. 

Coor SmartResponse makes fault reporting easier

Coor SmartResponse makes fault reporting so simple that the person discovering a fault would rather report it than ignore it. By applying unique QR codes to photocopiers, vending machines, elevators, toilets and conference facilities, users can report faults via smart phones. All they need to do is download a QR reader from the App Store or Google Play.

In addition to making it easier to report faults, the fault reports are also handled faster. Since each QR-code carries information about the location and the specific type of object or space, faults are more clearly documented and actions easily planned and executed. This both reduces the lead time from fault report to fix and enables a more efficient and qualitative execution. 

”Coor SmartResponse makes fault reporting so simple that the person discovering a fault would rather report it than ignore it.”

Faster fixes and better results

Assigning every item or premises a unique identifier makes managing fault reporting easier. Because an item’s location and type are predefined by its unique QR code, the risk of misunderstanding is minimized, and staff can plan and execute their work more efficiently. This reduces the lead-time from fault report to fix, while the quality of execution increases.


  1. Unique QR codes are applied directly to important items or premises.
  2. By using a smart phone or tablet with a QR reader the QR code opens up a web formfor fault reporting.
  3. By registering an email address in the web form, the person reporting the fault will receive anotification once the fault has been rectified.
  4. The fault report is then sent directly to a Coor Operations Center for planning and execution.

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