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Why Coor

Your office - Tomorrow's benchmark

We are in the middle of a digital revolution, which means new ways of working and new requirements on workspaces. Coor Service Management has the insights, expertise and solutions required to meet the new standard and new needs – today and tomorrow. We can help you succeed.

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Your partner through the whole workplace lifecycle

Ever since Coor was founded in 1998 we have been dedicated to coordinating, managing and developing services spanning both workplace services, property services and industrial services in all industries.
Being the leading service provider in the Nordics we are today managing over 6 000 000 m2 of office space with everything from traditional to activity based workplaces.

We know what works and not

Since we are present every day in these offices delivering services such as technical operations- and maintenance, property development, receptions, cleaning, food and beverages, waste-, space-, and energy management, we know what works and not both from a design and an operational perspective.

With all this knowledge and experience we add value not only when you are defining your workplace strategy or when you are designing and building your office. We also add value by taking big responsibility in operating, optimizing and adapting the office together with you over time.

We practise what we preach

At Coor we have been developing our own Smart Office for over 6 years. It all started in 2008 at our old headquarters where we created a concept office in order to learn how to design, build, operate, optimize and adapt a Smart Office over 5 years.

In 2011, when the decision was taken to move our headquarters to Kista we also decided to go all-in with the Smart Office concept. This has shown to be very successful.

“The office space was reduced by 30% and over 90% of the employees were more satisfied with the new way of working than with the old after we moved into our new office.”
Carina Hörnfeldt-Bylund, Project Manager, Coor Service Management

Today we use our new headquarters as a Smart Office show case and laboratory, continuously challenging ourselves to improve our way of working and developing new Smart Solutions to bring to our customers.

We innovate Smart Solutions for the Smart Office

As a leading service provider we strive to be perceived and experienced as the most innovative company in the service management industry. Simply by identifying, developing and launching innovative solutions, which deliver tangible value to our customers and us.

Today's ongoing digital transformation is affecting every sector and changing everything we do. At Coor we put great effort in understanding how new technology, such as Internet of Things, Mobile first, Indoor positioning, can be used to increase attraction, productivity, efficiency and sustainability in an office environment.

Through our extensive innovation eco-system, including our customers, our business partners, our employees and others, we continuously identify, develop and launch Smart Solutions for the Smart Office.

Here you can find Coor SmartMove, Coor SmartResponse, Coor SmartFlow, Coor SmartUtilization, Coor SmartDisplays and CoorSmartID.

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