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What is a Smart Office?

Release the potential of people

A Smart Office is all about understanding and embracing the new standards of a more agile and interconnected workforce. Just add an office space, new technology, tailored services and a holistic long-term perspective and you’re in business.

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Times have changed. Today, people are more agile and interconnected than ever before. Success will come to those who understand and embrace that our behaviors and needs no longer are the same. And that’s the essence of the true Smart Office - to use insights about people´s needs in combination with innovative thinking and new technology to support and release the full potential of the workforce. To go the distance, you need a holistic, long-term perspective.

Taking a holistic perspective on smart

An office is not truly smart until all its parts, from technology to services, fully supports each and every individual that work there.

It is the employees who are to be supported in the office and all the parts, from process to services, need to be in place so that the office can fully support the employees in their work. We believe that a Smart Office is:

  • Centered around the people working there. What attracts and motivates them? What do they need to be able to perform at their best?
  • Based on the activities that need to be performed in the office. Where and how are these activities best performed?
  • A place designed for flexibility. Flexible in the way that it is accessible and used every day and it is open for changes and innovation over time.
  • Enabled by technology which efficiently supports the needed ways of planning and performing work.
  • Enhanced by the services provided both regarding function, convenience and experience.
  • Sustainable in every possible way balancing both economical, environmental and social aspects.

Taking a lifecycle perspective on change

A Smart Office always has its starting point in your workplace strategy, vision and objectives. Based on these you locate, design and build your office. However, a Smart Office is not only a design and build project, it is also a continuous change journey which lasts over the whole workplace lifecycle – a journey that has to be carefully managed in order to secure attraction, productivity, efficiency and sustainability over time.

We call it Workplace Lifecycle Management.

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