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Great business for a better future

Sustainability is about combining long-tern profitability with ethical conduct, social justice and environmental care. A Smart Office supports all of this.

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Impact on economic values

By securing attraction, productivity and efficiency a Smart Office will tip the scales of work-life balance in your favor. Done right, business results will follow thanks to increased sales and a lower lifecycle cost.

Impact on social values

With a Smart Office you will meet the needs of your employees in a better way.
For example, by securing the right indoor air quality, lighting, noise levels etc. you will increase their health and wellbeing and by bringing amenities and services closer to the workplace you will help them save time and further improve their work life balance.
With a Smart Office you will also impact the lives on those delivering services in your office environment every day, by making the office easier to operate and maintain.

Impact on environmental values

With a Smart Office you will reduce the environmental impact thanks to clever environmental design that optimize the use of space, energy consumption and resources over time. Coor is also the first FM provider in the world to take an overall grasp of environmental issues and offer its customers environmental labelling that covers complete service provision and all FM services. This, our unique labelling system for environmentally friendly FM services, is called Coor Green Services.

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