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Cut costs. Increase profits

Optimizing space utilization is direct cost savings. Indirect, your profitability also benefits from increased attraction, productivity, flexibility and sustainability.

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Efficient use of space and workplaces

Workplaces in traditional offices usually have utilization rates as low as 40-60%. This means there is a large savings potential in optimizing the use of these workplaces and ultimately the cost of space.

However, simply reducing space can be contra productive if it results in decreased productivity. Experiences tell us that when we prioritize people and productivity in an activity based working environment it also leads to cost reductions through better use of space.

Optimizing the life cost of the office

Over 80% of the lifecycle cost of a building, people excluded, is connected to operations and maintenance. Everything within an office affects the lifecycle cost.

Building and office layout affects logistics flows for waste management, postal services and cleaning costs etc. Furniture and material selections affects maintenance and cleaning costs etc.

All these aspects therefore need to be taken into account when designing, building and operating buildings and offices. This can be achieved by involving an FM-provider as Coor already in the design phase of the building or office environment.

Smart Facts

“49% of desks in use at any time”
space utilization studies worldwide, Johnson Controls

“Internal studies show large improvements. General satisfaction moved from 59 % to 91% and the environment benefitted when space was reduced by 30 %.” 
Det nya arbetslivet, Microsoft

“The office space was reduced by 30% and over 90% of the employees were more satisfied with the new way of working than with the old after we moved into our new activity based office.”
Carina Hörnfeldt-Bylund, Workplace Expert, Coor Service Management

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