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To attract and retain employees and customers is key to business success. An inspiring, activity based, smart office will help you achieve this.

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Your office – an important brand marker

Today, you are thoroughly researched by potential employees and customers. They base their opinion on you as a company from what they experience, hear and see. And, since the first impression often lasts your office play an important role. No wonder many businesses rank workspace and office design as one of the most important value signals. If you want to be perceived as a smart company at the forefront – that is what your workplace and solutions should signal and support.

Win the war for talent

The war for talent is on and most likely you’re fighting it. So how do you win it? Your potential employees form their opinion of your business based on information you can control, and on information you can’t. Through your official channels you can put forward what you think is important and relevant. However, you are also judged by what their friends say and what they might find on social media.

The gist is, you have no way of controlling people’s opinion of your business other than by actually delivering the best possible package, including your office and the work environment. This involves everything from office location, layout, design, furniture, technology and the services provided. With a Smart Office at your disposal, you will have all the tools you need to win over all the talent you want.

Smart Facts

“For both employers and employees a good work environment is considered to be the factor that influences the company´s employer brand the most.” 
Translated from Employer branding – Bortom hajpen, StepStone

“Appealing workplace facilities consistently DOUBLES the likelihood of a candidate choosing an employer regardless of the combination of other variables”
Does workplace design affect employee attraction?, Hassel and Empirica Research

“The workplace is a frequently overlooked but critical lever in supporting a brand and culture change. This was validated by a recent survey of 123 corporate real estate leaders conducted by CoreNet Global. The results show that 77% believe that brand is a critical driver for their business; yet only 54% said the workplace plays a critical role in supporting it and only 15% said their facilities reflect their brand “very well.”
Brand, culture and the workplace, Steelcase Workspace Futures

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